Who We Are

PA India is into this domain since 2001-02. We had been aspiring to make our company which stands out in its niche category as a super-specialized service provider. PA India is renowned for its larger than life, awe- inspiring decor and formats and completely customized services to the entire clientele. We had been providingflawless solutions for all types of events- be they corporate or social.

We have a full-fledged team cum familywho are experts in this industry and we haveunbelievable in- house production facility. Our panel of skilled craftsmen and band of highly qualified designers add the extra edge to our platter of deliverables. Our corporate offices are in Jaipur and Gurgaon.

We undertake turnkey assignments in the form of mega ground concerts and televised events and manage weddings. We have a dynamic approach to handle all possible dimensions of an event catering entertainment and all other promotional needs. It has been a long and successful journey with our corporate and government clients and the elite wedding clientele, constantly creating memorable experiences through our mythical creations and services.

What We Do

Events are one of the radicalsources that encourage aerobicized communication between an individual/ organization and their target audience. Today, events enclose sections of Entertainment, Functionality, Philosophy and Vision. More importantly, multidimensional Business, Personal and Communication objectives are depicted and fulfilled immensely through events.

PA India is here to fulfil these multidimensional requirements- to pursuit that environment whichempowers effective transmission that creates and accomplishes break- through Relation- building, Marketing and Promotional Occasions.

We assurehospitable and harmonious network between the client and their guests, also the other vendors that the client takes on. Even if the client is not physically present, our personal touch adds to the feeling of the client being on hand.

We strengthen the client through all decisions: selection of vendors and service providers as well as follow-up on their desired outputs vis-a-vis our commitments.

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